SPicket river ale

American IPA (6.3% abv)

Our flagship brew, Spicket River Ale flows like the rolling waters of the Spicket. Hazy, juicy and flavorful, Spicket River Ale is our passion.

Menace ii new england

American IPA (6.4% abv)

A true menace to New England style IPA, Menace II New England is raw and juicy. A hazy, medium bodied blend of oats with four types of malt, and five finely blended hops. What you say bout my mama?!?!?

Uno Mas

American IPA (6.9% abv)

Our hops of Citra and Denali jump with an infusion of aloe and soursop that'll keep you gravitating back to Uno Mas, again and again!

wavy baby

Double IPA (8.3% abv)

Catch the waves of Wavy Baby and be taken on a ride like no other. Adorned with guava fruit and a generous blend of six different hops, Wavy Baby IPA will blow your mind into a state of nirvana, Pure Bliss.

Infamous i.p.a.a.

Double IPA(A) (10% abv)

Heady, heavy yet deceptively smooth, Infamous IPAA is a not soft but sweet, lift you off your feet style Double IPA(A). Packing heat with Citra and Denali hops, Infamous IPAA is definitely not for shook ones