Mug Club Promo 1.jpg
We Spicket Riverian's are pleased to announce the formation of the Spicket River Beer Mug Club.  
We've partnered up with the Essex Art Center to give our loyal fans the chance the craft their very own Spicket River Beer Mugs! 
Conveniently located directly above the brewery, the Essex Art Center has kindly agreed to host classes and provide materials for Spicket River Beer Mug Club members to hand craft their own Spicket River beer mugs.
In addition to having their own unique, one of a kind, Spicket River Mugs, each membership comes with numerous benefits exclusive to those in the Spicket River Beer Mug Club. 
Such benefits include:

*Early entry prior to grand opening Date

*First access to new releases

*VIP pass to two exclusive events

*First pour included with purchase of membership


*And best of all at the end of the year, you'll have your very own, one of a kind, 1st Edition Spicket River Beer Mug!

Welcome to the Club!!!!

Two more dates TBA